Advanced Care Planning


Advanced Care Planning

What is the benefit of having Advanced Care Planning?

Studies show that patients who have advance care planning have less anxiety and fear and are comforted knowing their physician understands their health care decisions.

Accidents and serious illness can occur at any time.

What is Advanced Care Planning?

Thinking about what type of care you would want in an end-of-life situation is often difficult.  Advance care planning is a way for you to discuss the kind of medical care you want with your family and the person you name as your decision-maker or Health Care Power of Attorney.  Before appointing a Health Care Power of Attorney, you should discuss your wishes with the person you choose to ensure that they understand your wishes and would be willing to carry them out.

What is a Health Care Power of Attorney?

A Health Care Power of Attorney should not be confused with a financial power of attorney. A Health Care Power of Attorney relates only to healthcare decision-making and provides no authority to make financial decisions. You may choose different people for assistance with your healthcare and financial decisions.

What about Advance Directives?

Your caregivers may ask if you have completed Advance Directives so that we know your wishes in the event you become incapacitated. When there are no Advance Directives, the Illinois Surrogacy Act allows for the appointment of a person in order of availability, such as your guardian, spouse or adult child, etc., to make medical decisions on your behalf. 


If you have a question about Advance Care Planning, please let your care team know.