Wellness Center


Wellness Center

Warner Wellness Center

Located at 418 West South Street in Clinton, IL.
Parking is available in front of the Wellness Center or the Physical Therapy parking lot.
For more information about any of our programs please contact our Wellness Coordinator at 217-937-5275 or email us at events@warnerhospital.org.

We are your partner in health

We strive to bring our community programs and services to every member of our community, helping everyone maintain or learn a healthy lifestyle.

What are some of the programs offered through the Wellness Center?

We have a large selection of classes and programs designed to help enhance the health of our community. For more information on any of our great programs, please contact our Wellness Coordinator.

CPR Classes

Hands only CPR classes for non-medical personnel. This class is typically two hours in length.

Diabetes Education

Diabetic Lifestyle teaching for adults with diabetes. This is a two-hour weekly sessions for six weeks.

Financial Wellness Workshops

A series of financial wellness workshops to help learn ways to better manage your money, introduction into home buying basics, credit scores, debit cards and credit cards, and introduction into investments.

First Aid Workshops

First aid for non-medical personnel and tailored to the needs of specific groups such as farmers, boy scouts/girl scouts.

Healthy Living Class

This year long program is led by a certified health coach and based on Dr. Sears scientifically proven plan for healthy aging, the program will guide you and support you through the process of practicing a new, healthier way of living.

Health & Wellness Coaching

A National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) has been specially trained in the science of behavior change and can help you make healthy lifestyle changes that last.Β  Most people know that healthy food, exercise, sleep, and stress management are important, but making them happen can be much more challenging.Β  With a Coach, you can work towards your goals with someone trained to help you succeed.

Schedule a FREE 30 minute introductory session with Mykenzie to see if one-to-one coaching might be a good fit for you. Call or email Mykenzie at: 217-937-5275 or mykenzie.green@warnerhospital.org

Matter of Balance Class

Many older adults experience concerns about falling and restrict their activities. Matter of Balance is an award-winning program designed to manage falls and increase activity levels. This program emphasizes practical strategies to manage falls. In this 8-week program, you will learn to view falls as controllable, set goals for increasing activity, make changes to reduce fall risks at home, and exercise to increase strength and balance.

Prevent T2 Class

The class focuses on ways to prevent Type 2 diabetes and is geared for at-risk individuals. This is a year-long program with weekly classes the first months and tapering down to one class a month. You will learn healthy eating habits, fun ways to exercise, how to manage stress, relaxation techniques and much more within a small supportive group.

Project Recovery

Contact projectrecovery2019@yahoo.com for more information.

Smoking Cessation Classes

Freedom from Smoking program offered through American Lung Association begins January 2019. Are you ready to quit smoking? Hundreds of thousands are smoke-free through the American Lung Association Freedom from Smoking program. Over the course of this seven-week program, you will work with other people who are quitting smoking and a trained facilitator to set a quit date, build a quit plan and work through your first few months smoke-free. To sign up for the class or for more information, call 217-937-5275 or email us at events@warnerhospital.org.

Lung Cancer Screening Program

Warner Hospital & Health Services offers a lung cancer screening program. To qualify, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Family Medicine patient
  • Ages 55-70
  • Have a 30 or more-pack year history of smoking
  • Current smoker or have quit within the past 15 years
  • Have additional lung cancer risk factors
  • No active symptoms

Safe Sitter Class

Designed to prepare students in grades 6-8 to be safe when they are home alone, watching younger siblings, or babysitting. The instructor-led class is filled with fun games and role-playing exercises. Students even get to use manikins to practice rescue skills like choking rescue and CPR. Class fees are $10 per child. Students should bring a sack lunch; classes are approximately 6 hours long. For more information please call 217-937-5258 or email us at events@warnerhospital.org.

How can I get more information about wellness center programs?

Please feel free to reach out to our Wellness Coordinator at 217-937-5275 or email us at events@warnerhospital.org.

Our Wellness Center is located at 418 West South Street in Clinton, IL.

Or speak with your healthcare provider. To schedule an appointment, call 217-937-5284.

What are the recommended tests for overall wellness?

  • Blood Pressure – checked at least every two years
  • Cholesterol checks every five years β€” starting at age 45 for women and for men at 35. If you smoke or have diabetes or heart disease risk factors, start having your checks at age 20
  • Colorectal cancer tests – begin at age 50
  • Diabetes tests – screen if you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol
  • Mammograms – women should have one everyone to two years starting at age 40
  • Osteoporosis Tests – women should have their first one at age 65 or under 65 with risk factors
  • Pap smears – women should have one everyone to three years if they are sexually active or older than 21
  • Prostate Cancer Screening – yearly for men age 55-69
  • Sexually transmitted disease – anyone who is sexually active

How can I increase my fitness?

The hospital partners with the Clinton Community YMCA to offer the β€œCouch to 5K” program in the spring to summer seasons for any individual wanting to get up and move their body. The program is free to all, free prizes are offered throughout the program, and free or discounted 5Ks are awarded to those who stick with the program. The Clinton Community YMCA has a 5K in August at Clinton Lake and the hospital has a 5K in September at Weldon Springs State Park.

What is the Swifty Swine 5K?group of people running in the swifty swine 5k

Warner Hospital & Health Services, in partnership with Warner Hospital Foundation, conducts an annual 5K at Weldon Springs State Park. It is always the last weekend in September, coinciding with the Apple & Pork festival. Run or walk the 3.1-mile trail through the scenic Weldon Springs State Park. At the finish line, you will be rewarded with a one-of-a-kind, homemade finisher medal as well as delicious food (yogurt bar and bacon!) to refuel your body. Top runners/walkers in the age categories with receive a pig trophy. We finish the event with our Piglet Prance for youngsters under 10.