Sleep Studies


Sleep Studies

Rest easy with us.

If you are having difficulty getting a good night’s sleep, have excessive daytime sleepiness or tend to fall asleep at inappropriate times, Warner Hospital and Health Services can help.

We offer sleep studies in the comfort of your own home.  To have a home sleep study you need to have an order from your primary provider. Once your provider has ordered the test, you will come to the hospital and pick up the device. Respiratory staff will instruct you on how to wear the device. You will take it home and wear the device while you sleep. The device will measure and record your sleep activity to identify any problems or issues. In the morning, you return the device to the hospital and the provider will interpret the feedback and then follow up with you.

What are some of the sleep problems diagnosed and treated in the Sleep Study?

Sleep-related breathing disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome are two common problems diagnosed and treated in the sleep study.

Who should I call for questions?

Call 217-935-9571, ext. 3222, for more information.